Welcome!Dolly Parton's Imagination Library - Early Childhood Literacy

What Do We Do?
The two primary tasks of The Imagination Library of Grant County are to (1) register pre-school children who are under the age of five who will then receive a free, age-appropriate book mailed to their home, and (2) raise the funds to pay for the books and mailing costs.

Our Mission:
Promote reading readiness and language proficiency for all Grant County preschool children by delivering books to their homes monthly.

Our Vision:
All children in Grant County will arrive at the steps of Kindergarten ready and able to succeed.

With the help of El Grito Headstart, GRMC’s First Born Program, local clinics and daycare centers, we register children from birth to age five.  A child who is registered at birth will accumulate a library of 60 free books by their fifth birthday. The first book children receive is Dolly Parton’s favorite, “The Little Engine That Could” and their graduation book is “Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come!”