The Imagination Library of New Mexico

At the request of the Dollywood Foundation, the Imagination Library of Grant County has been asked to spearhead the effort to make the gift of the Imagination Library available to all of New Mexico’s preschool children.  The Dollywood foundation will not consider New Mexico a statewide program until every preschool child is eligible to register for this program.  We’ve got our work cut out for us!

Our Role

As The Imagination Library of Grant County, doing business as The Imagination Library of New Mexico, we will coordinate the efforts to:

  • Encourage the establishment of new affiliates,
  • Support existing affiliates, and
  • Invigorate affiliates that have become inactive.

To accomplish this we have established a statewide steering committee composed of representatives from each of the seven Council of Government districts throughout the state.  This steering committee will meet twice a year to assess our progress and coordinate our efforts statewide. Our first in-person meeting will be here in Silver City on April 28 – 30, 2017.

Click here to see a map of New Mexico that shows our current coverage.

We have been chosen by the Children, Youth and Families Department of New Mexico to be the recipient of funds earmarked to establish a statewide early childhood literacy program. These funds, $100,000 for each of four years ending in FY2019 and administered by our local Council of Governments, will help us create and support affiliates across the state by reimbursing them for 50% of their book costs.

We are proud to be the fiscal agents sponsors for the Imagination Library affiliates in Curry, Harding and Luna counties. The books and associated expenses are being paid for with donations from those counties. We have also assisted in establishing affiliates in Taos and Lincoln counties and are working with four others to grow this great program.

Currently, about 25% of New Mexico preschool children are eligible to enroll in the Imagination Library with over 6,200 children of them receiving a free book each month.

Thanks to our encouragement, at least two bilingual books mailed at each age level this year.

How to Get Involved

In order to become or sponsor an affiliate, you must either be a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization; be associated with one as your fiscal agent; or be a school district.  This requirement must be met in order to satisfy the Unites States Postal Service requirement and mail books at the bulk mail rate.
If your city, county or regions is not currently involved and you would like to facilitate the creation of an affiliate please contact the Dollywood Foundation at or us at

We look forward to making this great gift available to all preschool children in New Mexico.