Our Supporters

Please support these businesses and organizations who support us! Without their generous donations
and yours, we could not succeed in changing the lives of Grant County pre-school children and our collective future.

A special thank-you to CFSNM for a recent $10,000 grant for our Grant County Program,
and also to the following individuals who have made contributions:

Anonymous (8)
Caroline & Bill Baldwin
Lisa Barnett
Judith Bechtum
Pat A. Cowan & Timothy A. Bell
Ed & Jill Bessey
Christine Billings
Marta Bloy
John & Suzanne Brack
Karen Bryan
Ted & Jewell Burk
Judi Bush
Elizabeth Carillo
George Cassell
Nancy Champlin
Darlene Chilton
Ben Collins
Janet Colville
Michele Connelly
Howard Cook
Arlene A. Cooley
Tip & Mary Cowan
Sharon Rowley & Jerry Eagan,
    in memory of Dorothy Eagan
Mattie Eagle
Jill & Tim Eastep
Dr. Brian Etheridge

Bing & Mary Ewalt
Peter & Pattricia Falley
Melvin Gelb & MaryAnn Finn
Julie Fitzgerald
Tim Garner
Torie Grass & Jim Goodkind
Commissioner Ron Hall
William & Donna Halverstadt
Homer & Ruth Hamby
Dr. Ann Harvey
Laura & Drew Hazen
Jan Hess & Joe Nerling, Jr.
Thomas & Consuelo Hester
Rod & Cheryl Hicklin
Barbara & Scott Hill
Patricia & Duston Hunt
Valerie Inklebarger
Gary & Jeannine Jenks
Laurel Johnson
Diane LaFrance
Johannes Larisch
Darla Lathan
Evelyn Lawyer
William Halverstadt & Pascale
Jennifer Mahl
Richard Mahler
Emily & Kristofer Mann
Robert & Marie Martin, Jr.
Diann Mason
Pauline & Richard Matthews
Jim & Kate Mathews-Schmidt
Valerie McCaffrey
Patrick & Pam McDavitt
Sharyn McDonald
Linda & John McGee
Cathy McMillan
Ruth McPherson
Phyllis & Jim McQuaide
Joanna & James Meehan
Deanna Mooney
Barbara Mora
Karen Murphy
Helena Myers
Loren & Barbara Nelson
Joyce Newman
Nikki O’Connell
Amy O’Keefe
David & Diane Oram
Jerry & Glenn Ouzts
John E. Palmer
Marie Piebenga
Rosie & Joe Placencia
Edna & William Powers
David Pratesi
Barb Rand
Susan Rice
Joy & Craig Roney
Ellen Saige
Sara Scales
Gerald Schultz
Linda Shay
Paul & Anne Sherrell
Rosemary & Claude Smith, III
Geralyn & Stan Snider
    in memory of Shirley Colson
Bethel M. Spann
Nancy Stephens
Barbara Taylor
James & Elizabeth Thompson
Suzanne Thompson
Dan & Syd Tuffly
Colleen & Steve Walker
Judy & Bill Wallenta
Judy Ward
Katherine J. Warren
Laura Wiest
Valdeen C. Wooton
Becky & Roger Young

We apologize if we have missed anyone.  If we have, please let us know, and we’ll add your name to the list.


We apologize if we have missed anyone in this list. 
We will update it regularly!