Register My Child!

The only requirements are that your child is under the age of five, resides in Grant County and that you provide us with basic contact and mailing information, promise to read and tell us if you move. That’s it! Then sit back, read and enjoy your child.

Registration is simple:
Choose one of the two methods below to register your child. Either fill out a Registration Form, or Register Online!

1) Fill out a Registration Form and mail it:

You can download and print a Registration Form by clicking here.

Or you can pick up a Registration Form at Silver Health Care offices, HMS Clinics, Silver City Public Library, and the Cliff Public Library.

Complete one form for each child you'd like to register and mail it to Imagination Library of Grant County
2529 Cecilia St., Silver City, NM 88061

2) Register Online!

You can register online right now — follow the steps below, and click the blue bars as you to complete each section.